Richard Gurewitsch: Tips on Saving Money On Your Next International Phone Bill

When it comes to international calling services, no one has a better idea of what is possible than telecommunications mogul Richard Gurewitsch. As a man of travel and telecommunications, Richard Gurewitsch has built his entire life and career on the idea of connecting individuals with their families abroad and across the world. As a result, Richard Gurewitch as seen what companies try to do in order to separate customers from their money. "While that should never be the goal, I understand why it is done," Richard Gurewitsch says. As a result, he has come up with a two-point philosophy to teach individuals how they can save on international calls and make them more often to their family members. "My goal has always been to be a provider of connection. Connecting families is my passion."

"Working with and talking to your provider" is Richard Gurewitsch’s first piece of advice when speaking to individuals who need to connect with family members abroad. "Having that conversation is so important. If you don’t you’ll never know what could have been possible in lowering the costs of connection." This is apt advice as so many coverage plans and deals exist today that the market has opened up the possibility and potential for financing options when it comes to making international calls. "New internet applications have made it more possible than ever for individuals to leverage what they have the ability to do with what they can get from companies in the form of a deal from a negotiation," Richard Gurewitsch wisely points out.  This has been a gamechanger for most individuals looking to connect with their families that are halfway around the world. "And we aren’t stopping there. Our plan is to execute a service that is so bold that people will never have to worry whether or not they have the leverage to make those kinds of deals."

"The other thing I can say is that you should try to limit your conversations if you do not need to speak every day," Richard Gurewitsch says. While this is not the ideal situation for most people, it is a quick fix towards making it cost less to call your loved one on the other side of the planet. "We understand that this is not the ideal situation at the moment but this is why we are going into work every day to solve this problem. And we will solve it one day, there is no question about that." Richard Gurewitsch takes a moment before saying the next words. "We already have a plan in place to take care of those kinds of issues but I am wary of revealing too much. Sometimes it’s better to leave things up to a pleasant surprise."

It is no question that what is to come will make communicating easier for people all over the world. With Richard Gurewitsch’s track record, it is no surprise that people can expect something big. And that is why it will be interesting to see what Richard Gurewitsch’s next move is.