Richard Gurewitsch: Tips for Traveling During the Pandemic

As a result of the current pandemic, it is easy for individuals to get uneasy and a bit restless. This can manifest itself in several ways from getting out of the house and exercising to going on road trips. Since safety is at the forefront of the current discussion regarding the pandemic, you still need to take care of your mental health by getting out of the house so as not to feel so cramped up. As you may be working, it is important to take a vacation but to take it safely. As someone who understands how people might be feeling across country borders, Richard Gurewitsch has some tips on how you can travel safely with your family during the pandemic. 

1. Always Keep Sanitizer With You

No matter where you go, it is probably a good idea to keep some sort of hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket. “It is something easy that people can do in order to stay protected. With the virus spreading at the current rate across the sunbelt, having sanitizer on you is like keeping the virus at bay.” Richard Gurewitsch says. Even if you are going indoors to pick up food from a restaurant, there are millions and billions of contact points where the virus can pop up from. “I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but since cases are spreading at such a rate, it is important to just assume that you will be coming into contact with a place that the virus has been. Assuming this, you should just keep the sanitizer on you and use it after you have come into contact with a public location of any kind.” Richard Gurewitsch says. 

2. Clean Any Locations With Disinfectant Before Occupying 

“AirBnB’s are still renting but before you decide to crash on the bed, you want to go ahead and wipe off any solid surfaces with some kind of disinfectant.” Richard Gurewitsch says. Going even further, it is also possible to spray these hard surfaces with a disinfectant spray as well. “It is an important practice as the virus can stay on hard surfaces for up to three days.” Richard Gurewitsch explains. Since you don’t know who has occupied the location before you, it is only a matter of precaution to sanitize properly prior to using any furniture or kitchenware. 

3. Wear A Mask In All Public Indoor Locations

“I have grown accustomed to wearing a mask. It was hard at first but we got there eventually and now I actually enjoy wearing it.” Richard Gurewitsch says. “You can even look into getting a design on your mask that showcases your favorite sports teams or the logos of your favorite company.” Richard Gurewitsch says while brandishing his own LlamaCuba mask. Wearing a mask in public spaces, especially if they are indoor can help to curb the spread of the virus. “I never thought about it as much before but it really makes a lot of sense when you think about it.” Richard Gurewitsch remarks. 

While the virus might be spreading, it is important to get outside and take some trips. “You can help stop the spread by using some easy precautions,” Richard Gurewitsch says.  Keeping hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and cleaning with a disinfectant are easy enough solutions for a problem that we need to work together to solve. 

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