Richard Gurewitsch on ENVIOS305 and Philanthropic Efforts Across the World

Richard Gurewitsch Discusses His ENVIOS305 Project and How it Could Improve Philanthropic Efforts Across the World

Richard Gurewitsch is the CEO of  LATINPHONE & LLAMACUBA, a phone service provider and VoIP platform. As an immigrant himself, he is also interested in philanthropic missions that serve Cuba and the surrounding area. 

“Natural disasters and economic crashes have left Cuba, the Caribbean, and other Central American countries in devastating straights,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “That’s why my team and I decided to focus our efforts on developing a new service that serves these countries and helps alleviate at least a little of their suffering.” 

After a few months of discussion and strategic planning, ENVIOS 305 was born. The ENVIOS 305 platform allows people to purchase and send non-perishable food, cookware, and electronic items to Cuba and other countries directly from Panama via ship. They were able to form partnerships with shipping companies that allow for quick turnaround, getting the supplies to families in need faster than previously possible. 

“Over the past three months, ENVIOS 305 has grown exponentially,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “We’ve doubled the size of our call center and our administration team to accommodate the increasing demand!”

How Does ENVIOS 305 Work? Richard Gurewitsch Explains

“This platform allows people in disadvantaged areas of Cuba, the Caribbean, and Central America to purchase items that they would not otherwise be able to receive,” explains Richard Gurewitsch. “Normal things like canned food, body wash, coffee makers, even bicycles and electric motorcycles – we make those available to the people of the country.” 

Richard Gurewitsch goes on to explain that many people in these countries lost their cars or can’t afford to keep one. “Bicycles and motorbikes are a life-saver in these countries. It means you can get to the doctor, to the grocery store, without taking slow and unreliable public transportation.”

“People can buy these things for themselves, or they can be bought as a gift,” continues Richard Gurewitsch. “You can have them shipped to someone who needs these items.”

Richard Gurewitsch is the creator and mastermind of ENVIOS 305 and he’s very proud of his work. “That we were able to pull it together so quickly and that it will help so many people – I’m just immensely proud of my team and the work we have accomplished,” says Richard Gurewitsch. 

Richard is also a very busy entrepreneur. He is the architect and CEO of LatinPhone and LlamaCuba – telecommunications companies that serve the Cuban and Latin American communities. He has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and also runs HolidaysCaribe – a travel company – and SBG NETWORK GROUP LLC, another telecommunications company. 


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