Despite Travel Restrictions, Richard Gurewitsch Connects Families During COVID-19

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Richard Gurewitsch Values Connecting Loved Ones Always, and Especially During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Richard Gurewitsch has built an empire on his desire to connect people to their family, friends, and any other loved ones. In fact, it is the driving factor behind his multiple companies within The SBG Network Group LLC, a well recognized entity that encompasses the multiple businesses in the Telecommunication, Internet, and Virtual Travel Industries that Richard Gurewitsch has founded and in the past 20+ years. 

The first company that Richard Gurewitsch founded and is CEO of, LlamaCuba, was started to connect communication between the U.S.A. and Cuba, especially for those immigrants with loved ones back in their home country. Not too long after LlamaCuba’s success, Richard Gurewitsch founded HaitiPhone to service a niche market that had been traditionally underserved by other entities. These telecommunication companies were formed specifically to aid in connecting other friends and family with their indigenous countries to speak to the ones they love from other Latin countries. 

The most recent company that Richard Gurewitsch founded, his travel business Holidays Caribe, brought all of the communication in-person. Unlike its predecessors, Holidays Caribe helps people travel to the countries that they communicate with. It has helped the people that Richard Gurewitsch sought out to help communicate even further by visiting their loved ones directly.

Yet, ironically, now with travel restrictions and precautions around traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Richard Gurewitsch continues to connect families. 

On way he created the companies that he has, Richard Gurewitsch says, "During my entire business career and been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in the original countries."

Little did Gurewitsch know just how important affordable and easy access to communicating with families in their original countries would be, even past when he first came up with these innovative and unique businesses. Countries that do not have the accessibility and fortune for internet, phones, and WiFi now are able to communicate thanks to Richard Gurewitsch’s ideas that have come to fruition. Although they may not be able to see each other in person right now, LlamaCuba and HaitiPhone continue to help these underserved populations communicate during a crazy and scary time with coronavirus concerns.

Serving over five countries, SBG Network Group LLC promises to make a positive difference for the people and immigrants it aims to help with its services–and it has proven to do just that.