Richard Gurewitsch on ENVIOS305 and Philanthropic Efforts Across the World

Richard Gurewitsch Discusses His ENVIOS305 Project and How it Could Improve Philanthropic Efforts Across the World

Richard Gurewitsch is the CEO of  LATINPHONE & LLAMACUBA, a phone service provider and VoIP platform. As an immigrant himself, he is also interested in philanthropic missions that serve Cuba and the surrounding area. 

“Natural disasters and economic crashes have left Cuba, the Caribbean, and other Central American countries in devastating straights,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “That’s why my team and I decided to focus our efforts on developing a new service that serves these countries and helps alleviate at least a little of their suffering.” 

After a few months of discussion and strategic planning, ENVIOS 305 was born. The ENVIOS 305 platform allows people to purchase and send non-perishable food, cookware, and electronic items to Cuba and other countries directly from Panama via ship. They were able to form partnerships with shipping companies that allow for quick turnaround, getting the supplies to families in need faster than previously possible. 

“Over the past three months, ENVIOS 305 has grown exponentially,” says Richard Gurewitsch. “We’ve doubled the size of our call center and our administration team to accommodate the increasing demand!”

How Does ENVIOS 305 Work? Richard Gurewitsch Explains

“This platform allows people in disadvantaged areas of Cuba, the Caribbean, and Central America to purchase items that they would not otherwise be able to receive,” explains Richard Gurewitsch. “Normal things like canned food, body wash, coffee makers, even bicycles and electric motorcycles – we make those available to the people of the country.” 

Richard Gurewitsch goes on to explain that many people in these countries lost their cars or can’t afford to keep one. “Bicycles and motorbikes are a life-saver in these countries. It means you can get to the doctor, to the grocery store, without taking slow and unreliable public transportation.”

“People can buy these things for themselves, or they can be bought as a gift,” continues Richard Gurewitsch. “You can have them shipped to someone who needs these items.”

Richard Gurewitsch is the creator and mastermind of ENVIOS 305 and he’s very proud of his work. “That we were able to pull it together so quickly and that it will help so many people – I’m just immensely proud of my team and the work we have accomplished,” says Richard Gurewitsch. 

Richard is also a very busy entrepreneur. He is the architect and CEO of LatinPhone and LlamaCuba – telecommunications companies that serve the Cuban and Latin American communities. He has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and also runs HolidaysCaribe – a travel company – and SBG NETWORK GROUP LLC, another telecommunications company. 


Richard Gurewitsch: Tips for Traveling During the Pandemic

As a result of the current pandemic, it is easy for individuals to get uneasy and a bit restless. This can manifest itself in several ways from getting out of the house and exercising to going on road trips. Since safety is at the forefront of the current discussion regarding the pandemic, you still need to take care of your mental health by getting out of the house so as not to feel so cramped up. As you may be working, it is important to take a vacation but to take it safely. As someone who understands how people might be feeling across country borders, Richard Gurewitsch has some tips on how you can travel safely with your family during the pandemic. 

1. Always Keep Sanitizer With You

No matter where you go, it is probably a good idea to keep some sort of hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket. “It is something easy that people can do in order to stay protected. With the virus spreading at the current rate across the sunbelt, having sanitizer on you is like keeping the virus at bay.” Richard Gurewitsch says. Even if you are going indoors to pick up food from a restaurant, there are millions and billions of contact points where the virus can pop up from. “I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but since cases are spreading at such a rate, it is important to just assume that you will be coming into contact with a place that the virus has been. Assuming this, you should just keep the sanitizer on you and use it after you have come into contact with a public location of any kind.” Richard Gurewitsch says. 

2. Clean Any Locations With Disinfectant Before Occupying 

“AirBnB’s are still renting but before you decide to crash on the bed, you want to go ahead and wipe off any solid surfaces with some kind of disinfectant.” Richard Gurewitsch says. Going even further, it is also possible to spray these hard surfaces with a disinfectant spray as well. “It is an important practice as the virus can stay on hard surfaces for up to three days.” Richard Gurewitsch explains. Since you don’t know who has occupied the location before you, it is only a matter of precaution to sanitize properly prior to using any furniture or kitchenware. 

3. Wear A Mask In All Public Indoor Locations

“I have grown accustomed to wearing a mask. It was hard at first but we got there eventually and now I actually enjoy wearing it.” Richard Gurewitsch says. “You can even look into getting a design on your mask that showcases your favorite sports teams or the logos of your favorite company.” Richard Gurewitsch says while brandishing his own LlamaCuba mask. Wearing a mask in public spaces, especially if they are indoor can help to curb the spread of the virus. “I never thought about it as much before but it really makes a lot of sense when you think about it.” Richard Gurewitsch remarks. 

While the virus might be spreading, it is important to get outside and take some trips. “You can help stop the spread by using some easy precautions,” Richard Gurewitsch says.  Keeping hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and cleaning with a disinfectant are easy enough solutions for a problem that we need to work together to solve. 

Despite Travel Restrictions, Richard Gurewitsch Connects Families During COVID-19

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Richard Gurewitsch Values Connecting Loved Ones Always, and Especially During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Richard Gurewitsch has built an empire on his desire to connect people to their family, friends, and any other loved ones. In fact, it is the driving factor behind his multiple companies within The SBG Network Group LLC, a well recognized entity that encompasses the multiple businesses in the Telecommunication, Internet, and Virtual Travel Industries that Richard Gurewitsch has founded and in the past 20+ years. 

The first company that Richard Gurewitsch founded and is CEO of, LlamaCuba, was started to connect communication between the U.S.A. and Cuba, especially for those immigrants with loved ones back in their home country. Not too long after LlamaCuba’s success, Richard Gurewitsch founded HaitiPhone to service a niche market that had been traditionally underserved by other entities. These telecommunication companies were formed specifically to aid in connecting other friends and family with their indigenous countries to speak to the ones they love from other Latin countries. 

The most recent company that Richard Gurewitsch founded, his travel business Holidays Caribe, brought all of the communication in-person. Unlike its predecessors, Holidays Caribe helps people travel to the countries that they communicate with. It has helped the people that Richard Gurewitsch sought out to help communicate even further by visiting their loved ones directly.

Yet, ironically, now with travel restrictions and precautions around traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Richard Gurewitsch continues to connect families. 

On way he created the companies that he has, Richard Gurewitsch says, "During my entire business career and been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in the original countries."

Little did Gurewitsch know just how important affordable and easy access to communicating with families in their original countries would be, even past when he first came up with these innovative and unique businesses. Countries that do not have the accessibility and fortune for internet, phones, and WiFi now are able to communicate thanks to Richard Gurewitsch’s ideas that have come to fruition. Although they may not be able to see each other in person right now, LlamaCuba and HaitiPhone continue to help these underserved populations communicate during a crazy and scary time with coronavirus concerns.

Serving over five countries, SBG Network Group LLC promises to make a positive difference for the people and immigrants it aims to help with its services–and it has proven to do just that.

Richard Gurewitsch: Tips on Saving Money On Your Next International Phone Bill

When it comes to international calling services, no one has a better idea of what is possible than telecommunications mogul Richard Gurewitsch. As a man of travel and telecommunications, Richard Gurewitsch has built his entire life and career on the idea of connecting individuals with their families abroad and across the world. As a result, Richard Gurewitch as seen what companies try to do in order to separate customers from their money. "While that should never be the goal, I understand why it is done," Richard Gurewitsch says. As a result, he has come up with a two-point philosophy to teach individuals how they can save on international calls and make them more often to their family members. "My goal has always been to be a provider of connection. Connecting families is my passion."

"Working with and talking to your provider" is Richard Gurewitsch’s first piece of advice when speaking to individuals who need to connect with family members abroad. "Having that conversation is so important. If you don’t you’ll never know what could have been possible in lowering the costs of connection." This is apt advice as so many coverage plans and deals exist today that the market has opened up the possibility and potential for financing options when it comes to making international calls. "New internet applications have made it more possible than ever for individuals to leverage what they have the ability to do with what they can get from companies in the form of a deal from a negotiation," Richard Gurewitsch wisely points out.  This has been a gamechanger for most individuals looking to connect with their families that are halfway around the world. "And we aren’t stopping there. Our plan is to execute a service that is so bold that people will never have to worry whether or not they have the leverage to make those kinds of deals."

"The other thing I can say is that you should try to limit your conversations if you do not need to speak every day," Richard Gurewitsch says. While this is not the ideal situation for most people, it is a quick fix towards making it cost less to call your loved one on the other side of the planet. "We understand that this is not the ideal situation at the moment but this is why we are going into work every day to solve this problem. And we will solve it one day, there is no question about that." Richard Gurewitsch takes a moment before saying the next words. "We already have a plan in place to take care of those kinds of issues but I am wary of revealing too much. Sometimes it’s better to leave things up to a pleasant surprise."

It is no question that what is to come will make communicating easier for people all over the world. With Richard Gurewitsch’s track record, it is no surprise that people can expect something big. And that is why it will be interesting to see what Richard Gurewitsch’s next move is. 


Richard Gurewitsch’s SBG Network Group LLC to Open New Office in Barcelona, Spain in 2020

The SBG Network Group LLC, founded and incorporated by Richard Gurewitsch, is a well recognized entity that encompasses many of the services that Richard Gurewitsch has created over the past 20+ years. These services are a part of the Telecommunication, Internet, and Virtual Travel industries. Richard Gurewitsch, a Miami, Florida resident and Latin American, is also the CEO of a successful telecommunications entity, LlamaCuba.

Gurewitsch originally started LlamaCuba in 2010 when the USA opened telecommunications to Cuba. The company developed a VoIp platform with discounted prices in phone calls from US to Cuba to serve a sector of the market that had been traditionally under-deserved.

Richard Gurewitsch’s SBG Network Group, which encompasses services from LlamaCuba, HaitiPhone, and WorldRecharges, provides Mobile Telephone Recharges (Top-up) and Telephone Services from US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Chile, Panama to all Caribbean, Central and South America and other Regions. They have established high efficiency, secured guaranteed delivery and high quality services.1

As their website states, SBG Network Group was created to “improve the lives of citizens of Caribbean and Latin-American nations by providing tools and ideas to rise their economic and Richard Gurewitschadvancement opportunities.” SBG Network Group LLC currently has offices in Miami, Florida, USA – Mexico City, Cancun and Merida, Mexico – Santiago de Chile, Chile – Buenos Aires, Argentina – and Montevideo, Uruguay. They are now in the process of opening a location in Barcelona, Spain in March 2020.

The new Spain-based location is an exciting opportunity for Richard Gurewitsch and his entities to expand into more Latin countries and further serve more people in a new area.

Richard Gurewitsch’s Business Focus for Immigrants

The entities that Richard Gurewitsch have created all have a purpose that is about more than just the industry. Richard Gurewitsch states, “During my entire business career and been an immigrant myself, my focus always was to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in the original countries.”

By serving over five countries, SBG Network Group LLC promises to make a positive difference for the people and immigrants it aims to serve in its services. By partnering with companies who enable them to provide high-quality services for lower costs is a win-win for both Richard Gurewitsch‘s mission and the people that SBG Network Group serves.


Richard Gurewitsch

CEO Richard Gurewitsch Seeks to Expand Business Relations In Underdeveloped Countries

In this day and age, it seems that in order to carry out a business plan, it is essential to work with a partner that has extensive resource connections in order to make things happen. Not for Richard Gurewitsch. The serial entrepreneur has made a name out of himself by looking forward to the road less traveled and taking business into countries that might not seem as developed as they are in the western world. By partnering with Cuban affiliates, Richard Gurewitsch is a trailblazer in expanding business ties to the rest of the world.

Originally from Florida, Richard Gurewitsch started LLAMACUBA in 2010 when he noticed an opportunity as a result of the United States opening up telecommunications to Cuba. “We developed a VoIP (voice over IP) platform with discounted prices in Phone calls from [the] US to Cuba to serve a sector of the Market that have been traditionally under-deserved,” said Gurewitsch noting the internationally-charged servicing reason for why he started his business in the first place. The business was a success and they were able to expand services into all parts of the country from both Europe and Latin America, giving connections to millions of households to their families in other parts of the world.
After the success of LLAMACUBA, Richard Gurewitsch continued on his international trajectory by founding HaitiPhone with the mission of serving another traditionally underserved market in Haiti. By applying the same principles in Haiti as he did in Cuba, Richard Gurewitsch was able to turn HaitiPhone into a major service provider to Haitians that needed to connect with their families residing outside of the country but needed to do so at a price that was affordable.

Thanks to the success of both of these businesses, Richard Gurewitsch is seen as a maverick CEO In all parts of the telecommunications industry in the United States and abroad. This success has spurred Gurewitsch to found his own network group that specializes in the telecommunications and virtual travel industries. With offices all over the greater Latin American and North American areas (as well as future expansion into the Spanish-speaking European market), Richard Gurewitsch is truly a CEO of the world.

With a work schedule that would include managing these large conglomerates, you would think Richard Gurewitsch would like to relax. This couldn’t be farther from the case. The businessman is the true definition of a workaholic as he recently partnered with the state of Florida with his Holidays Caribe brand to offer affordable air travel rates from the United States to countries in Latin America and the Carribean.

When It comes to providing for underserved immigrant communities, Richard Gurewitsch is truly a man of the people. By expanding business relationships from the US and into the Latin American countries, expect the results of his hard work to come to fruition in the generations to come.